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13155 Southwest 134th Street, Miami, Florida 33186, United States


Nicole Lynn Photography, LLC

where quality photography doesn't cost a fortune

Frequently Asked Questions by Category


Where do the photo shoots take place?

Our studio is located near the Tamiami Airport / London Square area. It is in an office building. 13155 SW 134 St Suite: 208  Miami, FL 33186. You will find it has top of the line photography equipment and three generously spaced session rooms. First is our ample and pleasant Newborn / Baby room ready to bring your ideas to life! The second is a one of a kind, versatile lifestyle room in all white, complete with crown molding through out. Lastly, we have our mini session room with gorgeous white curtains, perfectly suited to change seasonally. Each unique and aimed at providing you with varied options for your session. From a barn to a fanciful boutique and everything in between! If you prefer outdoor sessions, two South West Dade locations are available. One is a picturesque private farmland and the other is beautiful Matheson Hammock Park. Both will serve to capture you at your best amidst nature. 

How do I reserve my session? 

Please visit https://nlphotollc.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php to schedule all sessions, with the exception of events, on-locations, birth & hospital fresh sessions. Please send a text at 305-298-4726 or a message via Facebook Messenger to coordinate those. We will get back to you as soon as possible. A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. This includes one complimentary rescheduling. We understand life happens. People get sick. There is nothing worse than taking pictures while feeling under the weather. That is not the moment we are wanting to freeze in time for you.   

What does my session fee cover?

Session fees include:

-The time taken to prepare the studio/set for your session.

-The use of NLP's studio/props.

-The time & talent of the photographer used to capture your images and edit them at a basic level. 

-Should the session be on location, the fee also covers traveling expenses. Location permits are not included.

What ideas / suggestions can we offer for your session?

This is one of our most popular questions! The answer is whatever you like! We offer the service of bringing your ideas to life and capturing the memories. We invite you to take your time browsing Pinterest and Instagram and find what makes your heart smile! Then send us these ideas. We will let you know what we have and what you need to fill in. Together, we will create the best replica of your vision. This model of client DIY sets allow us to save time and money and pass the savings onto you! You are more than welcome to bring any props you'd like to bring your vision to life.

Can I have a consultation and/or studio tour?  

While we understand a photo session is an important to do and you have many questions, the answer is no to both. We are not a boutique photographer. In order to provide you the quality work we offer at such low prices, we ask that you read all the information we clearly write out for you, research a little for your preferences and together (via trusty text) we can facilitate a reasonably priced session that is to your liking.  We do offer free maternity silhouettes and free mommy and me silhouettes for babies 3-11 months of age that will also afford you an opportunity to ask questions face to face. 

Since I am only paying for the session, will I be charged extra for my images?

The answer is a resounding NO! Unlike most of the industry, we will not be giving you only 5-10 images and charging you for any additional. You will receive EVERY image shot, complimentary with your paid session fee! NLP belives the clients should get all the pictures, so they can decide which they like. We would hate to delete what could of been their favorite image, just because our tastes differ.

Do you offer any discounts?

NLP's goal is to make professional photography affordable for most families. Our rates are set to achieve this. However, we do have a special discount code for Rainbow Babies. Please contact us if you feel this applies to your family.  

Do you offer mini sessions? 

Yes, we do offer mini sessions! Please follow us on social media:



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Can I request certain shots I've seen? 

By all means! We are actually expecting you to do just that! Please share the ideas and/or thoughts you would like to see during your photo shoot. Within reason, we will recreate what your visions are to the best of our abilities.  

How many people can be included in my session?

This depends on the session. While booking, you will see that each package will specify the maximum number of people included with your session fee. Additional family members may be added at a cost. 

Are pets allowed as additional family members?

Much love for fur babies, but please leave them at home. 

What can I expect to happen during my shoot? 

You can expect that one of our photographers will be more than ready to capture this special moment in your life! We have a bunch poses and ideas, but encourage you to have fun and be spontaneous. Some of the most memorable shots are unplanned. After the session, payment is due preferably in cash, cash app, & venmo, but credit/debit cards and checks are accepted. Administrative fees will apply, if you choose to use a credit/debit card.  

What is your rescheduling/cancellation policy? 

Life is full of the unexpected! You are able to reschedule your session at your convince using the confirmation email you received when scheduling your session. You can reschedule yourself as many times as you'd like up to 24 hours before your session. At a bare minimum, if by the morning of your session you think there will be an issue, please let us know so we can plan the rest of our day accordingly. We will do our best to find another day/time to accommodate your needs. Please note, this reschedule option is limited to date and time. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to be extra sure when booking your session. 

If your baby or child wakes up sick, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule before you forfeit your deposit. I encourage you to plan your session around nap times but if baby doesn't nap at the normal time and you need to delay your session to take nap time into consideration, please let me know as soon as possible so I can find a new spot for your baby that will ensure maximum possibility for smiles.

If you are more than 6 minutes late to your session, your retainer is forfeited. I am more likely to wave your late fee if you give me an ample heads up that you will be late and not tell me at the start time of your session or once your session has technically began.

What can I expect when choosing an outdoor session?

Miami transitions between tropical and subtropical climate zones. Basically, it rains off and on constantly. Please be advised that if you choose an outdoor session and it happens to rain before your session, the ground will be wet. It will be difficult to walk on and most probably cause your feet/shoes to get dirty. There is nothing we can do to control this. You are always more than welcomed to reschedule to another day if you find this to be a problem. You are also able to relocate to an inside session.


Before your Session

What should I/we wear?

At NLP, our theory is that less is more, but always showcase your best! This is a memory that you want to admire for years to come, so look the part. Start with a basic color pattern and then go from there, usually 2-3 colors. My best tip is to coordinate, not match. For example, have a person with a pattern containing all the colors, then pull individual colors for the rest of the group's clothing and/or accessories. Another way is to use a neutral/soft palette and add a few pops of bright colors. Avoid stripes, plaid and overly loud/busy patterns. Always remember that these pictures will last a lifetime, timeless style is best. Save your hip and trendy clothes for going out on the town! Classic is classic for a reason. Also, we do not offer makeup services. However​, we do encourage that you make your best effort or hire professional services because the difference is remarkable when viewing images. Finally, wear comfortable clothing that you feel good in and the pictures will emanate those feelings! Parents that already received your bundle of joy: Before you purchase clothing, please inquire with me about my maternity gowns, newborn wraps and baby clothing/accessories. I provide some of these items at no additional cost and/or a small rental fee for the duration of your session. I work closely with https://www.etsy.com/shop/twolittleangels1 and perhaps you don't need to spend extra money on anything!

What should/can I bring?

Our job is to capture you and your family's essence. Want to dress up your newborn in your chosen profession? Let's do it! Does your family play music? Bring your instruments!  Whatever keepsake or special token that makes you smile is also welcomed. We do ask that you please come with said personal props (especially balloons/banners) ready to go, as to not waste your session time! Please keep in mind that set up time is part of your allotted session time. If you have a prop/s that require a lot of time to set up, please consider booking multiple sessions or pre-setting up at home and arriving ready. 

What is the approximate size of each set?

This is a great piece of information to have while researching for the type of background you would like to create. The sets are approximately 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall. There in, if you purchase a banner, make sure it is 6ft wide or less so that will fit in the wide shots of the set. 

Are any props not permitted?

Yes! Due to limited time for clean up during back to back sessions, confetti and/or bubbles are not allowed for indoor sessions. Balloons and/or confetti are not permitted for outdoor sessions.

Do you rent maternity gowns? 
​Yes, I have different dresses available for a $10 rental fee. Availability is subject to change. You may rent up to 3, however changing time is deducted from your session allotment.

What type of session should I book if I have a walking baby or toddler?

When deciding between an inside or outside session, please take into consideration that we highly recommend outside due to the typical rambunctious nature at this stage. The home studio sets are not large, therefore in order to attain the best shots we need you to be confident your child will cooperate and stay in range of the camera. If you feel your child needs space to explore, please book an outside session or book additional sessions so that we have ample time to achieve your vision. 

What is your late fee policy?


First of all, please understand that your session has a specific start and end time. Each minute you are late is one minute of clicking time and potential cute moments lost. When you are late the entire day's schedule is thrown off and effects not only the company, but all of the other clients booked for that day. NLP prides itself in our quality of work and protocols are set in order to produce the best results possible. This is not only to keep our clients happy, but also to protect our reputation.

1. You have a six minutes grace period to be inside the studio before you forfeit your $20 deposit. For example, if your session is at 1100 AM and you arrive at the studio at 1106, you will be charged the full cost of the session, instead of the remaining balance after deposit.

2. If you cancel your session within 5 hours of your appointment time, you will owe 1/2 of the cost of your entire session. 

3. If you miss the entire appointment, this is considered a 'no show' and you owe the entire session fee. Should there be time available to perform the shoot when you arrive, you may purchase a new session at that point. 


Day of Your Session


How can I prepare for the day of my session?

The best way to contribute to a successful session is being in a relaxed and stress-free state of mind! That said, if you are rushing and/or unprepared, this will affect your session. Lay out the clothes to be used the night before and get a good night's sleep. Be mindful of your children's schedules. Plan to get naps and snacks in before show time. This will assure that everyone will have a pleasant experience. By all means, if you think you or a family member is having a bad day, please make use of your complimentary one time reschedule! Lastly, Miami transitions between tropical and subtropical climate zones. Basically, it rains off and on constantly. Please be advised that if you chose an outdoor session and it happens to rain before your session, the ground will be wet. It will be difficult to walk on and most probably cause your feet/shoes to get dirty. There is nothing we can do to control this. You are always more than welcomed to reschedule if you find this to be a problem, so please check the weather in advance!

Who can accompany me on the day of my session?

Our most successful sessions, especially baby /child, happen when there are minimal distractions. Ideally, all focus should be on the subject/s being celebrated at the moment. We realize you might have other children, but we ask that you make arrangements for them so that you can enjoy this special moment with the child/ren being photographed. If you will be adding family members to your session, we ask that they please wait to enter the set area until called upon. We do have a waiting area, however space is limited. We ask that you please help us maintain a peaceful studio environment by not bringing anyone that is not essential to your session.

Should I arrive early?

Please aim to arrive on time, not early or late! Please note that in order to keep our prices low, we mostly schedule sessions back to back. Hence, early arrivals throw off the schedule and only cause confusion. This especially pertains to mini sessions. Moreover, this means you need to be ready to start at your start time and go at your end time. Please have all personal props as ready to go as possible! Your help in keeping the schedule flowing is greatly appreciated and reflected in our great prices! Also, if you are booking a newborn session, please arrive at your scheduled time. The complimentary feeding time has been added to the schedule accordingly.

What happens if I am late?

If you do not arrive on time to your session, we cannot guarantee that your session will not be shortened. We often book clients back to back, depending on schedule and demand. Moreover, we cannot give a late client extra time because it would potentially affect several clients' sessions. Lastly, please review the late fee policy listed above.

What if we go over the time included in my package?

Schedule permitting, you can add 30 minutes session increments for an additional fee.


After Your Session


When will I receive my photos and are my images backed up?

Typical turn around time for your pictures is 5-15 calendar days. If you need them sooner, we offer a 5 day rush service for an additional fee. Once you receive your gallery, you must download them into your personal storage device within 30 days. Past that, we charge a resend fee. This is because after the transfer service (pixieset) albums expire, we have to retrieve the images from our data storage which costs approximately $8,000 per year to maintain. While it comes at a pretty hefty cost, we understand that life happens and anyone can forget to download their pictures. Therefore, we do archive and resend, but the fee is necessary in order to offset the costs on our end and keep your session prices low.

Do I get every image you shoot?

We take as many pictures as we can, dependent on your baby's/child's behavior within our allotted time. You will receive a hefty number of pictures above the 5-10 image norm amongst fellow photographers. This does not mean every single image will be print worthy. We simply feel our clients should be the ones choosing their favorite images, not myself with my preferences. All pictures taken will receive basic editing. If you require extensive or special editing, considered retouching, please see TECHNICAL FAQ for further information. please send a message to inquire about pricing.

What if I don't like my complimentary images?

At NLP, we strive for quality and we provide you everything in our power to produce great images, such as top of the line equipment and expertise. However, art is subjective and we cannot control, nor be responsible for your wardrobe/background choices, and certainly not the subject's demeanor, which of course will affect the end results. Fortunately our session fees are very reasonable, so that you may purchase another session in order to try and achieve results that are more to your liking. 

Do you offer prints or only digital copies? 

We offer both digital and printed images. Digital images are complimentary with the cost of your session. When you receive the link with your set of images, you may order prints at a better quality and price than that of typical retail stores. If you do choose a retail vendor, no need to call to sign or write a release, we do not copyright images.  We recommend a wonderful canvas printing company, www.canvasfab.com and give you my exclusive 50% discount code to use in their shop. 


Technical Details


What is the difference between editing and retouching?

Basic editing includes correcting for lighting/exposure and color temperature, cropping and possibly adding 'signature Nicole' touches to the images. This can take from a few seconds to a few minutes per picture, depending on the desired effect. It may not seem like a lot of time, but I do several sessions per week. This adds up to many hours of work. All of which I account for when making my schedule. 

Retouching includes correction of skin disparities such as: blemishes, excema, rosacea, allergic reactions, bug bites, bruising, and stretch marks. Teeth brightening, skin smoothing or even the removal of an undesired object would also be included. This can take up to ten minutes per picture and is not something I account for when making my schedule. These services have different fees, which are shared upon need. Also, while I am proficient in Photoshop, I reserve the right to refer you to look for a specialist elsewhere. My preferred specialty lies in capturing people in their natural state.

What rights do you and do I have to the digital images?

You have the right to reprint images at your leisure. However, you may not profit from or publish your images without consent. We do use various images we capture for advertising in Facebook, Instagram and other venues. If you do not wish us to do so, simply let us know in advance. This is not usually an issue since most people love to show off their cuties!

Up to what size can we print our digital images? 

As large as you want!