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We need to raise $4,000. We setup a cashapp to help collect donations. It’s $FullPictureNonProfit 

Even if it’s $1, it’s something to give more than they would have otherwise received. Thanks for considering supporting this new adventure we have embarked on! xoxoxoxoox!

Let me explain..


I am proud to announce the establishment of my 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called The Full Picture Corporation. 

For years, I have been wanting to and working towards creating an organization tailored to helping individuals that, in my opinion, have the least amount of social support. Since I was also working on getting my photography off the ground, I couldn’t spread myself so thin. Now that my photography is quite solid, I wanted to kick-off my nonprofit idea. I knew I couldn’t do it alone! With the help of Kim, Jason, and Jessica, my vision has become our vision.

The first group of individuals that I feel society has long since neglected are teenage foster children. Even though I was not a foster child, I often find myself relating to a foster child because I was often left alone as a teenager to conquer big decisions. I never felt like I had the full support from my parents and even as an adult, I can relate to those foster children who have grown up to be adults and I have families of their own with children who have no grandparents. 


The second group of individuals are formally incarcerated people who have paid their debt to society, yet remain a black sheep amongst their peers and families. I want to help them see the Full Picture of their lives, help them keep positive and perspective on their families, so they can prosper, grow and love like everyone else!

For 2019, we have 2 goals. We will be adopting 5 teenagers for Christmas, providing their presents for them that they might have received if they had parents. Teenagers are often forgotten during this season and are significantly more expensive than little kids. We would also like to find 5 families to photograph, providing a wardrobe allowance and prints from their session so they can visually see their lives and what matters most, hopefully thinking twice before being caught in a cycle or recidivism.